from the Artist...

"Among the many sounds that captivate the ears and hearts of Post Modern audiences, the cry of Urban Jazz seems to be leading the charge. Primal to this art form is its willingness to boldly snatch needed ingredients from various genres in order to articulate complex musical truths to audiences in the most relevant way possible. Adherents to more traditional idioms of Jazz tend to balk at this notion and in so doing, limit themselves to either trumpeting reverberations of the past or otherwise laboring to resuscitate some senescent ideal which at best escapes everyone, save the most erudite of ears. With relevance as its hallmark, though, I can confidently say that the swagger of Urban Jazz rather casually dodges this bullet.

This is one of the foremost reasons it speaks to me. We continue to blaze trails. We don't try to lead from behind. Urban Jazz breaks rules to blaze its trail and showcases an artist's vulnerabilities, just as it does their strengths. Such revolutionary personifications of artistic dignity speak truth to power and provide a personal confirmation that this is indeed how my artistry should be speaking to the world.

The Music that I create strives to provide listeners with ear candy that's intelligent, but not condescending; sexy, but not sleezy; uncut, but not uncouth. And as an entrenched Artist within the movement, it is my hope that through its sheer audacity, the music I create will blaze a path for other musicians of similar bent and pedigree to follow suit, escorting fresh iterations of what's "dope" out of the funeral parlors of critics and onto the dance floors and listen rooms of common people. Power to the people!"