WILL JAXX Joins Orchestra Noir!

WILL JAXX has become Principal Chair Trombonist for Orchestra Noir, Atlanta's premier African-American Orchestra! The Classical & Contemprary Music ensemble was formed in 2016 by award-winning Conductor Jason Ikeem Rogers and has very quickly earned acclaim for it's musical diversity by performing with and for such notables as 9X Grammy Winner, Bryan Michael-Cox and Hip-Hop sensations like Migos, 2Chains, and Cardi B. Orchestra Noir is a living testament to the African-American legacy of musical excellence and resilience in Atlanta and the U.S. And WILL JAXX is humbled to lend his unique voice and perspective to such a noted ensemble.

WILL JAXX Considers Endorsing daCarbo Trombones
APRIL 2016

"Though I currently play on a vintage axe from the 50's and an antique Conn mouthpiece from 1899, I've had the chance to play test various professional trombone models from all over the world. And of those, there is one that has clearly began to stand out above the rest for me--daCarbo. Dr. Keller and his team at daCarbo have developed a prototype trombone made of carbon fiber that simply takes my breath away. When I speak, the horn listens, then forwards that message to the audience without any fuss or 'talkback'. Playing the piece is an absolute joy and I look forward to the possibility of working more closely with them soon." (to be continued...)

Will Jaxx Wins AHME Jazz Award

On Saturday, Will Jaxx took home the AHME Award as 2014's "Hottest Jazz Musician" The award caps off an impressive year with his debut album, Dichotomy, winning critical acclaim worldwide and putting proponents of more traditional Jazz idioms on notice. "I'm honored that my music and my style is making waves," Jaxx remarked humbly. "And the thought that people living in Australia, Botswana, and Switzerland are jamming to my tunes just blows me away."

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